Project #02

Drones make the Future City where is creating safety and comfortableness.

Future City System Using Drones

Commercial system library project where any solutions can be realized by utilizing drones.

Drone System is going to be made the best use in our society.

FUTURE CITY SYSTEM USING DRONES is a system where IoT technologies and solutions are utilized by drone hardware.

In the near future drones will be essential solutions of the social infrastructure.

We will aim to provide services that can be utilized in the real world by combining various technologies so companies and local governments can smoothly introduce this system to urban planning infrastructure.

FUTURE CITY SYSTEM USING DRONES utilizes Blockchain technology along with various hardware and software solutions. To maintain the safety and to prevent crimes, drone licensing system is needed and flight information such as “Flight-Log” and “My Sky Number” will be developed with Blockchain technology. The method helps to prevent unauthorized flight and accidents while navigating, and to prevent non-consensual photography and attacks.

We aim for a safe and easy-to-live lifestyle from the perspective of disaster prevention

In this project, we will analyze, verify what measures and escape routes are necessary for disasters and earthquakes.
Furthermore, by 3D mapping each area by using drones, it is possible to conduct a differential analysis before and after disaster, which help us to make a safer city planning proposal.

We will cooperate with DCA SKY EXCHANGE PTE. LTD. to develop and provide FUTURE CITY SYSTEM USING DRONES to local governments and companies from the viewpoint of disaster prevention, with the aim of solving urban harms caused by the increase of population and buildings to achieve a safe and easy-to-live lifestyle.

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