LEVIAS was selected as Forbes's “10 Tech Entrepreneurs You Should Keep Your Eye On”

[Forbes]10 Tech Entrepreneurs You Should Keep Your Eye On
In this article, Forbes selected 10 Tech Entrepreneurs who focus on the High-Tech industry and are building innovative projects and global teams that help to solve the industry's challenges. Forbes recognized the LEVIAS's STO (Security Token Offering) first track record in Japan, and this time, as one of ten people, LEVIAS CEO Keiko Tanaka was introduced.

In the various fields such as Blockchain industry based on FinTech, AI, VR / AR (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality), SNS / Influencer marketing, 10 Tech Entrepreneurs of various genres who are engaged in the 4th Industrial Revolution Solutions are introduced in this article.

We would be happy if many people could have an interest in the Security Token.

LEVIAS confidants that solutions utilizing Blockchain technology can make a significant contribution to the creation of new social value and the development of innovation.

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