Solar photovoltaics business J-STO(Japan Security Token Offering)fund-raising support

LEVIAS supported Japan's first "Solar J-STO (Japan Security Token Offering)" fund-raising scheme for solar photovoltaics business-type fund using Security Token.

LEVIAS INC (CEO: Keiko Tanaka, Address:4F, 2-7-7, Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0012) uses Blockchain technology to drive global innovation. LEVIAS has the corporate philosophy of creating an environment where many people can participate in the investment market that makes highly stable profits. For that reason, this time, we have developed and provided the Solar J-STO Solution, which is a funding scheme that uses Security Token, for solar photovoltaics business operator.
As a result of this project, Japan's first "Solar J-STO" fund-raising has been completed.

J-STO is the brand name (trademark pending) of our unique solution, a kind of STO*1 conducted by business-type funds (collective investment scheme) under the current Japanese laws and regulations. Investors, who invest in the business-type fund (collective investment scheme) will get "Security Tokens" which also represent their positions.
Investors who invest for the Solar J-STO can be obtained the Security Token as proof of investment and will be distributed electricity sales profit dividend.

Electricity selling prices for up to 20 years are guaranteed under the Feed-in Tariff system (FIT system) by the Ministry of Economy in Japan, Trade and Industry. Stable profits from electricity sales can be expected in the long term.
It is highly stable as an investment product and has a higher yield than deposits in the domestic banks. It is also attractive to participate with a small budget as a contribution to the spread of renewable energy business.
LEVIAS provides a new investment environment for many investors through Solar J-STO Solution using Security Token *2. We also aim to contribute to the activation of the solar photovoltaics business-type fund market.

*1 STO : abbreviation of "Security Token Offering", which is a new fund-raising method by issuing "Security Tokens" using Blockchain technology. Although the definition of "Security Token" is not unique, it means, that Digital Tokens represent the rights applicable to securities. "Security Tokens" in J-STO are given to investors as a position of the contractual status of the Silent Partnership (business-type fund). At present, the legal system regarding STO is undeveloped and unclear in Japan. In the future, legal amendments may change the regulations of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act for STO.

*2 As a prospect, if a secondary market for Security Tokens is established, investors may be able to transfer their Security Tokens to third parties.

The LEVIAS-STO Solution will make an ecosystem with financial operators, law firms, technology operators and other professionals to support fund-raising for global entrepreneurs.


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Anderson Mori & Tomotsune.

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