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LEVIAS Inc., which is promoting a Blockchain technology development support plan aiming for the global development of advanced technology, visited Sierra Leone in February 2019 and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for joint development.
Until now, the IT (Information Technology) gap between developed and developing countries has been considered serious, however recently, the developing countries have been quickly crossing the intermediary stage of IT development and narrowed this gap.
Sierra Leone is one of those developing countries in Africa, and now with the new administration, which started in April 2018, the cutting-edge technology improving has been ambitiously tackled for future development issues of the country.
The civil war in Sierra Leone was over in 2002.
The growth potential for the future development of the country is high but the basic management and operation systems such as a resident register, education, human resources development, land management, etc. are still underdeveloped.
In addition, management systems for industries such as mining and agriculture have not been established. In Sierra Leone, there is an urgent need to develop a government-led, transparent management system linked to these industries.

A platform applying the state-of-art technologies

By building a platform which applies the latest IT technologies, it becomes possible to manage all public office systems and the rights related issues with a mobile phone (smartphone) using Blockchain technology. This enables to build up a platform with high production efficiency including a paperless system.

Government expectations

In our visit, LEVIAS had interviews with the Government Innovation Officer, the Special Counsel to the President, the Chairman of Sierra Leone’s Environment Protection Association, the Secretary of Parliament, the Minister of Homeland, Housing and Environment, the Vice-President, and received a high evaluation for the content of our proposal. After confirming the contents, LEVIAS has agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of future joint development.

The expectations of the Government of Sierra Leone towards Japan and LEVIAS are high, and we continue to keep contact with all the parties concerned to maintain our relationship.

Sierra Leone is in the process of preparing the foundation of the country, and we believe that the knowledge and experience of Japanese companies and Blockchain technology can greatly contribute to its development. We will advance these activities which will serve as a base foundation for contributing to the future of Japan as a "Return on Innovation" as well.

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