Japan's first transfer of assets (secondary transaction) through security token was performed by using our developed technology

On December 24, 2019, an asset transaction using security token was performed by our J-STO Platform (hereinafter referred to as the "Platform") which was the first case in Japan.

In August our company developed and provided the so called “Solar power J-STO” (Japan Security Token Offering), which is a solar funding scheme using security tokens for solar fund operators.

A transfer of equity interests (OTC) in silent partnership agreement, which is rarely made, was performed through security tokens issued at the Solar power J-STO Platform, and also proved the status of the investors. In addition, the contractual status has also been transferred.

As a result, secondary distribution using security tokens were implemented for the first time in Japan.

■ What is J-STO Platform?

This platform is a communication management system that enables information on various contracts and assets, which were previously managed in written or other analog ways, to be managed in a highly reliable digital format utilizing blockchain and AI technology.

On this Platform, applications related to various contracts, a series of agreements, acceptance procedures, automatic rewriting of name register can be made by activating the automatic program (smart contract) embedded in security tokens (electronic voucher recorded on blockchain as proof of contract status). In the upcoming update, we are considering activating a countermeasure AI program which will constantly monitor the operations and actions related to the processing and the workflow of a series of autonomous programs. It also can analyze the difference between suspicious and normal operations.

By learning all the problems that occurred in the past, this countermeasure program detects future errors that will occur in the process of using this platform, finds the root cause of the problems and formulates and executes a process for solving them.

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- An AI integrated company engaged in planning and development utilizing the latest technology as a digital shift professional, such as AI, blockchain, and VR / AR.

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Providing a wide range of business services to small and medium-sized and listed companies, including accounting / labor tasks, financial support and outsourcing.

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