Levias signs MOU with the GSX Group for future collaboration

MOU is geared towards the future exploration of listing tokenised securities on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX)

Levias Inc. has announced a new partnership with GSX Group, through a signed MOU that will explore the listing of tokenised securities via the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) and the opportunity to become a listing member firm for securities listings.

Levias Inc., which operates a security token solution business in Japan, has engaged GSX Group in discussions on requirements for listing security tokens made in Japan on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX).

The GSX Group is changing the way securities are traded, cleared and settled as a fintech ecosystem comprising companies and exchanges, offering financial services and tech solutions. The GSX Group aims to transform capital markets through distributed ledger technology (DLT). Nick Cowan, the CEO of GSX Group commented on the new partnership, stating:

“We’re delighted to work with Levias on future collaborations in the innovative arena of tokenised securities. We believe that the legacy systems of current capital markets infrastructure can be significantly enhanced utilising technology solutions, such as our own proprietary blockchain, the STACS network, designed by finance for finance. Instant DVP settlement, something that STACS can deliver today is the key to evolving into a new market standard. Levias shares our goals and ambitions on the securities lifecycle process and how it can be vastly improved. We look forward to working on projects with Levias in the near future.”

Levias aims to build a new network for mutual business development and globalization of security tokens. In the future, in addition to the above initiatives, Levias will create new experience-value for investors in the field of security tokens and work to expand the business.

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