Japan's first public stock option offering "J-STO SO" has been issued by utilizing blockchain technology

We are pleased to announce that on June 3, 2020, we have issued a security public offering (stock options) utilizing Japan's first security tokens.

Levias Inc. (CEO: Keiko Tanaka; 4F, 2-7-7 Shiba Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “Company”) which aims to achieve global innovation, has completed the issuance of stock using security tokens, which is the first case in Japan, through its own brand “J-STO” *.
* J-STO is a system that manages various contracts and assets that were previously managed in analog way by a reliable digital method implemented blockchain and AI technologies. It is the Company’s brand name (trademark pending). In J-STO system, the security tokens developed by the Company are electronic vouchers (recorded on blockchain) showing that the ST holders have the rights or assets under a specific contract.

In J-STO SO, shareholders can manage and check the information regarding the Company's stock online on a dedicated interface (My Page of the J-STO Platform) developed by the Company.

The J-STO platform users can trade stocks, and request approval for stock ownership transfer to Company Board of Directors through this platform. The shareholder portfolio is managed on blockchain (private blockchain managed by the Company) that constitutes the J-STO platform. If the Company's stocks are traded in accordance with proper procedures, a program (smart contract) implemented on the blockchain will automatically make an entry for shareholders name change.

In addition, by applying AI technology, a series of various autonomous programs are constantly monitored for proper operation, and if abnormalities are detected, a countermeasure program will be activated to promote efficient workflow. The Company aims to promote a DX (Digital Transformation) society and create a smarter future by building a model case for data governance that utilizes blockchain and AI technology.

Notice regarding completion of issuance of security offering (stock options)

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