LEVIAS Inc. launched the world's first autonomous decentralized network system "LEVIAS DEEP CLOUD" (closed beta version)

On December 24, 2020, Levias Inc. (Representative Director: Keiko Tanaka, headquarter: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as "the Company") announced the launch of the world's first autonomous decentralized network system "Levias Deep Cloud" in the fintech industry.

We designed and developed this system utilizing blockchain and AI technology, collaborating with experts, financial companies and law firms.

With the release of Levias Deep Cloud and future updates, users are able to apply for various contracts and asset transfers (secondary transactions) through security tokens by J-STO, linked with overseas financial systems. It will be possible to execute payments with electronic currency for the conclusion of contracts on smartphones.

What is J-STO?

It is Japan's first information and communication management system, in which information on various contracts and assets that have been managed in writing and other analog ways, can be managed in a highly reliable digital system using blockchain and AI technology under the framework of the current Japanese law. J-STO is a system that activates an automatic program embedded in security tokens (electronic voucher recorded on the blockchain as proof of contractual status) on a consortium-type blockchain (hereinafter referred to as “Levias Chain”) developed by our company. With this system it is possible to apply for transfers, perform a series of agreement acceptance procedures associated with various contracts, and automatically rewrite the asset holders name list (smart contracts).

What is Levias Deep Cloud?

Levias Deep Cloud is a core system required for various distributed software groups (electronic contract, electronic money payment, face ID, eKYC, Dapps, Defi contract, AI behavior recognition, AI automatic conversation program, etc.) linked to Levias Chain to autonomously link data.

Main services made possible by using Levias Deep Cloud:

  • Use of LEVIAS Chain (consortium type block chain)
  • Development and use of the LEVIAS Chain Wallet app
  • Development of original platform utilizing J-STO API
  • Development and use of security tokens
  • Development and use of programmable money
  • Development and use of Dapps (autonomous decentralized applications) related to personal information management
  • Development and use of Defi smart contracts
  • Development and use of AI behavior recognition and data marketing tools
  • Development and use of AI automatic conversation program

We have been developing new data governance utilizing blockchain and AI technology, including the development of Japan's first model case using security tokens. In the future, we will further strengthen the promotion of FinTech digitalization and aim to contribute to the Japanese and international communities toward the realization of a future society of smart cities.

About Levias Inc.

We provide total solutions from system design and development related to information and communication processing using blockchain, AI, IoT, etc., ICT strategy planning, environment construction, operation and maintenance management. from arrangements according to various needs to economic and social. Design innovation with the creation of value. We create innovation along with economic and social values from arrangements that meet diverse needs.

Company name: Levias Inc.
Location: 4F, 2-7-7 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: February 2018
CEO: Keiko Tanaka

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