Notice of Completion of Fundraising through Third-party Allotment and J-STO Equity

We are pleased to inform you that we have implemented a third-party allotment of capital as follows.

  1. Type and number of shares: 391 common shares
  2. Payment amount of shares: 220,000 per share
  3. Ratio to total shares issued: 6.69%
  4. Total payment amount: 86,020,000 JPY
  5. Capital after increase (including capital reserve): 226,020,000 JPY
  6. Fundraising method: Third-party allotment
  7. Payment date: December 21, 2020

Purpose of the capital increase:

  • Strengthening the development system for LEVIAS DEEP CLOUD and J-STO Platform.
  • Further expansion of services, such as revitalizing the regional economy, providing technical support for developing countries, and focusing on sales activities related to DX solutions.

What is J-STO Equity?

"J-STO Equity" is our brand name, which means applying blockchain technology to raise funds by issuing new shares, change the shareholder' registry, manage and process information related to shares.

Via "J-STO Equity", the same number of stock-type security tokens (electronic vouchers recorded on the private blockchain managed by the Company, hereinafter referred to as "LEVIAS Equity Token") have been granted to the person who subscribed to the new shares. Our shareholders will be able to view information about their shares at any time via the Internet on the dedicated interface (My Page of the J-STO platform) developed by our Company. Users of the J-STO platform will also be able to buy and sell their shares and request approval of the transfer of those to the Board of Directors. The Company's shareholder registry is managed on blockchain (private blockchain of the Company) that constitutes the J-STO platform and will be implemented on it in accordance with appropriate procedures if the Company's shares are transferred. The shareholders' registry will also be automatically changed by the program (smart contract).

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